Radhamadhab College




(NAAC Re-Accredited)




A proposal to set up a college to impart general higher education to the people residing in the newly urbanized southern most part of the town was mooted by some eminent educationists in the early part of 1970. A committee of some leading citizens was formed to start the college with the name New Silchar College in nearby Netaji Girls’ High School from the academic session of 1971. The need for an institution of higher education in this area began to be generally felt, and two “Sebaiets” of the estate of the deity Radhamadhab, Late Rajanikanta Saha and Sefalikana Saha, wife of Hrishikesh Saha came forward to donate a plot of land, measuring 1 & a half acres for the purpose, on condition the college be named after the deity Radhamadhab. So, the college under the name and style Radhamadhab College formally came into existence on 31st May, 1971. Gauhati University granted affiliation to the college up to Degree of Bachelor of Arts in the year 1971. In 1983, the Government of Assam extended to the College grants in aid status. The U.G.C granted its recognition in 1992 and since then the college has been receiving U.G.C financial assistance for various development projects. The college celebrated its Silver Jubilee year in 1996. Since its inception, the University toppers of both Gauhati University and Assam University have added fresh laurels to its achievements and added many a feather to its cap.

Radhamadhab College has set up before it, twin objectives-to provide the society and the nation with quality higher education; and to contribute to the physical, intellectual, aesthetic and moral growth of the youths with a sense of commitment towards building a better tomorrow. The ultimate goal of the college is to make the institution a centre of excellence in the field of higher education. The college shall take constant Endeavour to prepare the students for their future career and to inspire them to play a meaningful role in the changing needs of the nation.

To achieve the goal, the college aims at:

  1. Providing the learners academic excellence in their respective field of study.

  2. Preparing the learners for commendable career relevant to national need.

  3. Preparing the students for life long learning by developing an appropriate learning style and aptitude among them.

  4. Instilling a sense of discipline, ethical and moral values so as to make the learners responsible and ideal citizen of the country.

  5. Providing specialized skill oriented courses in different levels.

  6. Transferring knowledge, skill and technology to the community through extension activities.

  7. Exploring innate creativity and talent of the learners and helping them develop into wholesome personality so as to enable them to contribute towards nation building.